Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Kiwi Icon

Room 7 had been working on the kiwi icon for weeks. We have worked on showing the icon  that we wanted to save the most. Mrs Swan told us,“If you could save any icon from New Zealand what would it be?” We all had to take in to account that there was so much of them that we would have to choose carefully and work out how important they are. We thought  the hardest/most stressful time was when we didn’t have the resources we needed, last week.
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The How We Made The Kiwi Icon

First of all we painted the foam balls, then we waited for the paint to dry, on the second day we did a second layer and also painted the beak,The next day we put on the googly eyes. After that we made the kiwi’s base ( Home/Natural habitat ) And we put the skewers for the feet. Then, we put the skewers in the base of the habitat and it stood up! We then put the beak on and we were finished. I think that the best part was when we finished because that was when we were all relieved since we had been working for weeks

By Jake and Shreyas

Easter Bunny Box

             Easter Bunny

Mrs Swan gave all of us a piece of cardboard and we drew a plan to create the Easter bunny box. Next we put tabs on the side so we could put it together. After we cut our cardboard and then we stapled the sides to make a box. Then we made a hole in the box so the easter eggs could go in because it is Easter. After that we used the tape to stick the ears to the bunny box. The next day the Easter Bunny put Easter eggs in everyone’s bunny box for a treat. Everyone felt happy.

By Jacob and Prabhdeep

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~ Term 1 Art in Room 7 ~

Term 1 is nearly coming to an end and Room 7 has created such phenomenal masterpieces. This includes, our Picasso Self portraits, Chinese Dragons and Taniwha work and we’ve just started our latest masterpiece on Mixed Media by Don Binney. (And we’re not talking about social media we are talking about art, using different materials)

First we created our Picasso self Portraits. You might think they look a bit crazy, but that's because they're supposed to, because there inspired by Picasso portraits. First we drew our faces in pencil and went over in black paint, then we coloured in our faces in colorful paints, then we did the background, and for full potential we used pastel to make it look sharper and give the portraits detail.

Earlier in the term, Chinese new year commenced, so in our class we talked about important symbols in Chinese culture. We came across the Chinese dragon and we thought this was pretty similar to the Taniwha, so we did some research and recorded our information on a Venn diagram. Then we created some art. First we sketched in our sketching books and drew them on a white piece of paper. Then we used dye to give it some colour. Finally we gently ripped the paper to give a cool effect.

And now we are starting on our Mixed Media. In this artwork we need to include, a native bird/animal, a native plant, a NZ Landscape  and a NZ icon. We will incorporate, charcoal, water colour, pastel and collaging. We can’t wait for it to be finished!

So come on now, to Room 7 and check out our gallery in our class!

By: Charlotte and Karthiga 

Friday, 9 March 2018

Adventures of Room 7

Welcome to the wonderful Room 7, where everything is fun and exciting! Oh, don’t worry parents we still do lots of learning! So for the past 6 weeks we have done lots of action packed activities. There’s been Yr 6 camp and the Year 5’s have been to EOTC. The Yr 6’s have had so much fun at Lakewood Lodge which was down at Huntly. We did some horse games, archery, Survival, the flying fox, climbing wall, kayaking, an intense game of tug of war, the mud run, there was literally tadpoles swimming in the murky water and much more! Some of us face our fears but we all had such a great time… and so did the Year 5’s! The Year 5’s had a great time at Eastern Beach. They did some kayaking and there was a lot of crashing waves! They made bubbling pikelets, fun paddling games, awesome raft building, tent pitching and…..(drum roll please) a scavenger hunt!  Tree adventures, they had lots of courses where they each had to wear harnesses and helmets. The obstacles were made out of wood, metals and rope. They had ziplines and other fun stuff too! They had to also had played Frisbee Golf which is kind of like mini golf but we use a frisbee instead. But most importantly, we all survived…. Well most of them…

But we had just as fun at school we have created some awesome Picasso Paintings we used pastel and paint and they turned out amazing! We are reading the book, ‘Wonder’ and are learning about how each of us are unique. We have also created this artwork which shows our personality. We have sooo much more adventures to tell but we don’t have enough time. Until next time!


By: Karthiga and Zoe

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Let’s be friends

Making new friends can definitely be scary. But, it doesn't have to be! Other children want to make new friends too, just like you.

Be Friendly

Go to class with a smile on your face and try to talk to as many people as possible. 

Introduce Yourself

If you see someone you want to be friends with, make the first move and say hi!

Swimming Time

Staying motivated is important to keep our swimming fun and making progress. We have used lots of strategies to keep our workouts entertaining, be safe in water and keeping ourselves warm and active!

So don't forget to have fun and laugh with your swim buddies!

Wonderful Room 7 Children

Here is our gorgeous Room 7 children.